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Medical & Surgical


Caradoc Animal Clinic is proud to stay in the forefront of innovations in medical and surgical care for your pet.

With an on-site Digital Radiograph machine, we able to take quick and efficient x-rays. We can show you your pet’s x-rays on the computer in the examination room and send them to a specialist if required. X-rays are one of the first diagnostic tools when a better understanding of what’s going on internally is required.

When your pet has skin conditions, it can be complicated to pinpoint the cause. So many factors can contribute to skin conditions. Your pet may have allergies. Our goal at Caradoc Animal Clinic is to control and minimize the effects to your pet’s body. For an efficient and effective visit about skin conditions, please be prepared to share details about your pet’s life, including their food. That will help us identify factors that may be contributing to the skin condition.

A cardiovascular exam is included with every visit to Caradoc Animal Clinic. We listen to your pet’s heart, check their blood pressure and perform any diagnostic tests that may be required. These examinations are vital to catching early signs of potential cardiovascular disease which may help prevent or minimize harmful effects. If your pet is diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, we’ll monitor your pet throughout their life.

If your pet is drinking more than usual, or urinating more than usual, there could be a hormonal issue. We are able to perform many tests to monitor your pet’s hormone system – urinalysis, blood glucose testing, ACTH stimulation tests and many more.

Spay and neuter surgeries are available at Caradoc Animal Hospital.

Spaying is the removal of the ovaries and uterus. Our team will perform this surgery on animals six months or older. It’s highly recommended to have a pre-anaesthetic blood profile performed prior to surgery. These tests are as valuable to the health of your pet having surgery as they would be if you yourself were having surgery. They can identify any conditions that could compromise the success of the surgery.

Removing the ovaries and uterus not only prevents unwanted litters, it can also help reduce the risk of mammarian cancer or infections.

Neutering is the removal of both testicles. In addition to preventing testicular cancer, if done at six months or slightly after, neutering can help prevent aggression, territorial behaviour and unwanted sexual behaviours. Of course, some of these behaviours are learned, not biological. If these behaviours start, address them immediately so your pet learns before these become habits.


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