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Flea Control and Prevention

The prevalence of fleas has recently increased due to our longer and warmer weather.  Fleas usually become active starting in April or May, however if the winter is shorter and spring comes sooner, the fleas will be out! Fleas love to live in fur environments and can be transmitted from animal to animal.  If fleas are a problem in your household, all animals in the household need to be treated or else the fleas will reside on the untreated animal. 

It is important to preventatively treat your pet for fleas because if fleas choose your pet’s fur as their home it can be annoying to get rid of these pests.  Your pet should be treated with either a topical treatment or an oral treatment exclusively available in veterinary clinics.  Only veterinary clinics have the effective drug component. Depending on the medication, it will either kill the adult flea or make the adult flea sterile- they will not be able to reproduce and develop more eggs.  If your pet does have fleas, at least three to six months of medication is required in order to target all of the fleas.  Since the medication targets adult fleas, your pet must receive dosing for the following months when the eggs have hatched and become adults.  Common signs of fleas are excessive itching, loss of hair, inflamed skin or visible bite marks.  Give us a call at (519) 245-1001 to discuss flea prevention and treatment further.  

There are helpful veterinary websites for more information on fleas, ticks and other parasites that may affect your pet.  Click here to visit our veterinary resources page.

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