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Wellness Examinations

wellness_veterinary_clinic_london_on.jpgSince many pets do not exhibit early signs of a health condition, it is vital for your pet to have regular wellness exams with age-specific early detection tests. There are many diseases pets are at risk for such as dental disease, parasitic infections, arthritis, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, chronic kidney disease, neoplasia (cancer), gastro-intestinal problems and more. There are many early detection tests that are performed depending on the age of your pet; some of them are listed below:

  • Urinalysis and other urine related tests can detect chronic renal disease, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, bladder stones, struvite and oxalate crystals and much more.
  • Radiographs can reveal neoplasia (cancer), degenerative changes, organ size and any changes or abnormalities, heart and lung condition, as well as any unexpected or hidden changes in the body
  • Abdominal ultrasounds can show neoplasia (cancer), pancreatitis, gastro-intestinal problems and much more.
  • Simple weight checks can monitor your pet’s weight. Continuous uncontrolled weight increase can lead to obesity. Come in to Caradoc Animal Clinic and ask our staff how to evaluate body condition.
  • Fecal tests allow us to find some parasitic infections such as tapeworm.  Your pet contracts tapeworm through ingesting fleas and can be seen in their feces as white rice-sized worms.  
  • A simple flea comb can reveal flea dirt. Expose the residue of your pet’s left over hair taken from the flea comb with water on a white counter. If you see specks of blood, this is flea dirt and fleas are present in your pet’s fur. 

Our veterinarians will assess your pet at every wellness exam and discuss possibly diagnostic tests and any treatment necessary.  Please give us a call at (519) 245-1001 to book your pet’s wellness exam today!

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